Project Drew

LumPhotography is donating to this cause, so should you . . .

This is my god-daughter and god-son. She is making hand knitted hair clippys to sell on to raise money for Drew's medical expenses. Here is the deal:

I've been taught, by word and by example that loving your neighbor is a good thing. Drew has fought and suffered more than most adults in our country. He has an undiagnosed condition which falls somewhere on the autistic spectrum. He has a seizure disorder which causes him to have 100's small seizures per day (he blinks his eyes rapidly, but can usually maintain some semblance of control of the rest of his body), his speech is hard to understand, his motor skills vary on the day, his head hurts so bad at times that he throws up, and he has taken several epic falls, usually ending in months of sleepless nights and sometimes memory loss. You'd think he'd be miserable. He's not.

Drew is in fact, one of the most loving people I've ever met. His whole family is. There has been many times when I walk in their home and see Drew, tired from not sleeping and having what most people would deem as a debilitating migraine for the past day or more, with dark circles under his eyes and bruised knees from falling because of having a seizure or dizziness at unexpected moments. He will always yell my name, give me a hug and ask me to eat with him and his family. He will laugh and giggle, tell jokes, and tell you what is on the menu.

In an effort to give back a bit of the life that Drew has shown me, I'd like to use my skills to raise money for his various medical and therapy bills by offering a discounted portrait session if booked through the website below. If anyone is reading this, which I'd be surprised if anyone was, honestly, but if you are, think about helping Drew. You can donate money and receive a 'giftback' in return from this website:

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